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Miscellaneous Notes About Persona Group Based On Final Fantasy XIII Series Original Creations Season 3 MirrorS Last 2 Episodes


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About Group based on Final Fantasy XIII Series Original Creations Season 3 MirrorS, we took in accordance with the classification of the previous two seasons - Trilogy pattern gradually complete it.
Be honesty, don't want too fast finish the series... Lol After this project come to an end, I'm very sure that we won't create another animated series like this one magnificent Aesthetic Blazing series in addition to - Snow Villiers guys & Noel Kreiss.
From Season 1 Snoel Lost Poems Epic style works into Season 2 Top Secret Events Realistic style works, until present Season 3 MirrorS Film style works.
the viewers will find out that whole story lines will concatenated into a complete series! From the first film works - Zero among the various signs should not difficult to find out, and you may feel Deja Vu with Episode - Zero and Snoel Episode Finale, because there is a very huge turning point.

Snow Villiers Original Rendered by Killenstein666

MirrorS Trilogy included
Prologue: Snow's Religion!!!, Trilogy 1: ZERO, Trilogy 2: Errors and Trilogy 3: Wolf-like Masculine Guys!!! Leapt Through Spatiotemporal! Enamoured Snow's Colossus・Wolves Snow Guys Infinite Lustful Triple-Sunder Mating Rondo!!!
Last, because of new scenes making problems, the last one bonus track project still uncertain if carry on or not...
However, after the completion of the trilogy, the bonus track published or not, but there will not be much impact the main story.
So, look forward to Trilogy 2: Errors publish!
See you soon

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