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MirrorS Episode II:ZERO / the movie / Noel's Lose Virginity Night


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Episode II


Part II

Noel's Lose Virginity Night

Final Fantasy XIII Series MirrorS Episode II ZERO movie


◆ The story returns to the source of all...
A optimism personality, robust valorous blond hunk - Snow Villiers, he lives a slovenly record straight, carefree days as always.

One night in The Seaside City of Bodhum, he met an inexperienced juvenile, time traveler - Noel Kreiss, and immediately hooked on him. He use unscrupulous divisive tactics with all sorts of temptations, finally... he not only raped Noel succeed and also successfully got his virginity.
However, there is another robust valorous shirtless blond hunk intently watching the whole process of their blazing first night with burning blue eyes.

After Snow played tricks with Noel, Snow half forcing Noel agreed to meet again later to continue their sexual intercourse.
Then followed another robust valorous shirtless blond hunk debut (younger Snow, debut in Top Secret Events V). His sincere plea touched to have the same appearance but older age Snow.
Therefore, after the two men discussed how to conduct the gang rape plan, Snow again using all sorts of tactics to trick Noel, further with another robust valorous blond younger Snow teamed up gang-raped him succeed.
After the full swing gang-rape, Noel Kreiss not only lost his virginity but also lost Snow Villiers guys whereabouts...

However, Snow took Noel's first night way no one can supplant it out. Its blazing all the time to ignite Noel's desires for Snow.
Finally, Noel Kreiss began his pursuing Snow Villiers of journey.
Until he again found the real first Snow, Noel must kept at different spatial and temporal to pursue deja vu amour with Snow guys in each paradox journey.

This is the most aesthetic blazing infinite lustful amour of wolves Snow guys and puppy Noel prelude. ◆

Enjoy the story source of all in Chamber of Secrets

Article by Jacinthe

Works Story Written by Jesse

post by  Jacinthe

Final Fantasy XIII Series MirrorS / ZERO

Final Fantasy XIII Series MirrorS / ZERO

Noel...  We'll meet again! That's my promise...

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