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MirrorS Episode II:ZERO / the movie / Noel's Lose Virginity Night


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Episode II


Part II

Noel's Lose Virginity Night

Final Fantasy XIII Series MirrorS Episode II ZERO movie


◆ The story returns to the source of all...
A optimism personality, robust valorous blond hunk - Snow Villiers, he lives a slovenly record straight, carefree days as always.

One night in The Seaside City of Bodhum, he met an inexperienced juvenile, time traveler - Noel Kreiss, and immediately hooked on him. He use unscrupulous divisive tactics with all sorts of temptations, finally... he not only raped Noel succeed and also successfully got his virginity.
However, there is another robust valorous shirtless blond hunk intently watching the whole process of their blazing first night with burning blue eyes.

After Snow played tricks with Noel, Snow half forcing Noel agreed to meet again later to continue their sexual intercourse.
Then followed another robust valorous shirtless blond hunk debut (younger Snow, debut in Top Secret Events V). His sincere plea touched to have the same appearance but older age Snow.
Therefore, after the two men discussed how to conduct the gang rape plan, Snow again using all sorts of tactics to trick Noel, further with another robust valorous blond younger Snow teamed up gang-raped him succeed.
After the full swing gang-rape, Noel Kreiss not only lost his virginity but also lost Snow Villiers guys whereabouts...

However, Snow took Noel's first night way no one can supplant it out. Its blazing all the time to ignite Noel's desires for Snow.
Finally, Noel Kreiss began his pursuing Snow Villiers of journey.
Until he again found the real first Snow, Noel must kept at different spatial and temporal to pursue deja vu amour with Snow guys in each paradox journey.

This is the most aesthetic blazing infinite lustful amour of wolves Snow guys and puppy Noel prelude. ◆

Enjoy the story source of all in Chamber of Secrets

Article by Jacinthe

Works Story Written by Jesse

post by  Jacinthe

Final Fantasy XIII Series MirrorS / ZERO

Final Fantasy XIII Series MirrorS / ZERO

Noel...  We'll meet again! That's my promise...

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MirrorS Episode II:ZERO / fiction / Noel's Visitor


Since Blogger Content Policy updated, all the adult creations on this page only provide Group members personal with forum, amusement or enjoyment in our personal privacy creative space.
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Episode II


Part I

Noel's Visitor

Final Fantasy XIII Series MirrorS Episode II ZERO fiction

A juvenile, the only survival human - Noel Kreiss wander in the time of ocean as an endless eternal rest, Noel Kreiss never know why he is still alive in this infinity nights... Through the light of an unknown Historia Crux, he arrived The Seaside City of Bodhum before doomsday. In addition to pursue Snow's whereabouts with the visions of Snow guys what he saw, he no longer has any memory why he's here. After that, he met Serah.
One night,
he gets an unexpected visitor who has blazing plans of Infinitely Lustful Sexual Intercourse in mind for the brave human...

A certain day as usual in The Seaside City of Bodhum.
Noel shut the door to Serah's room and went back to his own for the night.
They'd be heading out tomorrow so both needed their rest.
So, why had Noel come out of Serah's room?
Because she was having trouble sleeping lately due to nightmares she'd been having every night this week.

Noel rubbed his temples and sat upon his bed.
Fitful voids continuing diffusion in layers of Noel's memories...
All he remembered was after he had consciousness and through a unknown Historia Crux, then he has been stay here weeks.
Something missing behind, but he couldn't tell...

Also Serah's dreams were hellish. She told Noel that in these dreams,
Another 13 days, Doomsday approaching, people of the world will be extinct, all of them will be robbed of their Eidolon's and turned to stone.
She could feel their pain and hear their screams.
Serah didn't want it to come true. Noel didn't either.

She always has some very real memories, but it never happened. Why she always cover her arm? Could it be... Noel murmured. Lying down he closed eyes which didn't seem long enough because there was a loud knock at his door. Opening his eyes he groaned and got up to answer the door.
Pulling open the door he looked up and a full of masculine atmosphere blond-haired hunk standing before him.

The blond-haired hunk: Oh, sorry wrong room... the lady at the desk said a cutey was in this room and I thought she meant the girl named Serah. the blond-haired hunk sighed.

Noel didn't know why involuntarily distracted for the robust valorous blond-haired hunk.
With a burst of awkward Noel reluctantly recovered from juvenile's lustful fantasy he never had before, then forced himself calmly answered. Serah? So you must be Snow, right? She told me about you before. Noel arching a brow and tilted his head to the side and continued: She is in the room across from mine... then suddenly swarmed a sense of loss.

Snow: Thanks um... I just bring my wounded bro temporarily rest in an abandoned buildings across from here. And he asked me to tell his girlfriend. I guess that's the Snow guy you mentioned. masculine grinning said and gazed down the juvenile continued. Well it happens I'm Snow, too. Anyway you got a name?

Noel: I'm Noel. Noel Kreiss. unthinkingly answered Noel intently gazing the masculine blond-haired hunk, even though yet to figure out the blond-haired hunk's words.

Snow: Then, may I come in? the blond asked.

Noel: Huh? secretly surprised for a short while Noel replied.

Snow: Just let me in and I will go see Serah after we talk. manfully winked and said Snow

Noel bewildered nod and stepped aside to let the big guy in. In my visions is him? He is the one of the three blond-haired hunks would Gang-Raped me? Noel emerged unprecedented lustful thoughts involuntarily.

Noel shut the door only to be slammed up against it.
He coughed and tried to move out of Snow's suddenly hugged from behind, but due to his current groggy state he wasn't quite alert nor did he have control over his body.
Snow's face was so close to him that it made him shiver when the man breathed.
The blond crashed his lips to Noel's who gasped opening his mouth for the taller man.
Snow slid his tongue into Noel's mouth tasting and massaging the other muscle that shyly moved against his own.

Snow: M-m-m... the blond purred snaking a hand up Noel's shirt and over his chest.
He couldn't help but smirk at the flush on Noel's face and the way he arched into his touch.
Step by step back Noel stopped against the edge of the table, as Snow's things recklessly all over the juvenile's body with the lustful kissing.
Slowing moving his mouth away Snow kissed down the pale neck nipping at a collar bone before going lower. Lifting Noel's shirt, he lent down sucking on a budding nipple hearing Noel's breath hitch even more as he bit it.

Noel: Wha-what are you doing? The blond-haired hunk's masculine stubble rubbing Noel's skin and itching harder and harder gasped Noel helpless-like questioned as the blond-haired hunk looked into his eyes and continuously lustful tease Noel's nipples with his sticky tongue.

Snow: Just because I want to. Snow shrugged and lowered his hand coping a feel in Noel's lower regions who turned redder then said: Besides you look like you need it.

Noel: I need no such...ah! Noel tossed his head back.

(Since when did the blond get his hand into Noel's pants?...)

It's not just Noel's visions anymore but the real masculine blond-haired hunk's hand infinite lustful stroking between his cock and anal.
Noel whimpered bucking his hips into Snow's hand watching as the other stripped him without hesitation. I am going to lose my virginity to this full of masculine atmosphere blond haired man!?... eventually naked Noel constantly shouted in mind.
Snow non-stop lustfully stroking Noel's sensitive areas of lower body with a hand, also watching Noel was glaring at him took off clothes with the other hand, smirked Snow slowly took off his pants and popped out his Masculine Robust Colossus lustfully cocked up as he liberated his huge bulge.
FUCK!!! This juvenile get my FUCK already is a foregone conclusion!!! from Noel's eyes was eagerly staring at his huge colossus secretly delighted grinning Snow totally determined in mind.

Snow: Be a good boy and spread your legs. Snow said proudly and held his Masculine Robust Colossus lustful bobbing to seduce the juvenile into submission.

Finally, Noel gives in opening up his legs for the older man who then placed his fingers to Noel's lips said: Get them good and wet. I don't want it to hurt for either of us.

Noel took the fingers into his mouth sucking them while looking up at the man who groaned at the feel of the warm mouth.
Later he'd get to know it, just not right now.

Snow pulling his fingers away before he decided to push Noel down onto his knees and make him take his huge, hard and rigid Masculine Robust Colossus all at once.
He rubbed the first against the small pucker teasing it then gently pushing it in.
Noel bit his bottom lip to keeping from screaming out.
He panted gripping the broad shoulders in front of him as his body began to shake.

Snow: Shhh , relax... Snow said softly rubbing one of Noel's thighs that he pulled up around his waist. Take some deep breaths and close your eyes if you want.

Noel: I don't want to close my eyes... Noel gasped as the blond was able to move the digit easily. then he slightly shy and said: I want to look at the person who is taking me... taking me for the first time... Noel's throat felt dry looking up at the large man who blinked.

So I'm this boy's first!? the blond was agreeably surprised at first and then began smirked. Good then I would be his only! He then thought.

Soon, a second then a third finger was added into Noel's body. Gazing at the fully prepared body Snow slicked himself down.
Snow's huge, hard and rigid Masculine Robust Colossus aching to be inside.
Turning Noel around Snow made him face the wall and bend down a prone on the table. The position made Noel's hips face to Snow's Masculine Robust Colossus.
Snow place his hands onto Noel's hips and grabbing his both gluteus simultaneously towards the left and right sides opened.
Gulped Snow hungrily staring Noel's anal appeared with the hole shyly opening and closing to seduce Snow's colossus.
The Sparkling Gigantic Glans Of Snow's Masculine Robust Colossus lustfully rubbed Noel's virginity anal hole entrance to brace as his greatest Masculine Robust Colossus entered Noel slowly.

Noel: A-Ah!!! Noel cussing and trying to grab at the wall as Snow's rigid cock stretched him more.

Snow: Relax Noel, I'm not even all the way in yet... whispered the blond as he rubbed the juvenile's hips.

Noel blushed and gulped Snow's colossus then full of ecstasy gazing at the blond-haired hunk over his shoulder taking a deep breath. Then all of a sudden, he squeaked when Snow took the opportunity to push the rest of the way in.

Snow: Damn... Snow bro, maybe sex with Serah will be great after you get married, but now... Wow... if you also fuck this boy just like me, I'm fucking sure that you won't want to marry her anymore... no one can even better than Noel!!! I fucking knew that rape him was too fucking right!!! I only want him!!! drooling the blond hunk's murmuring gradually turned into groaning as Noel's anal entrance ring of muscle pulsed around Snow's colossus, simultaneously with Noel's purest virginity anal's walls inside constantly tighten brought to Snow's Infinite Lustful Royal Crown Of Colossus Glans exceed ultimate sensory stimulation. It more prompted Snow spontaneity instinctively start back and forth swinging his waist and hips.

Noel was sexy and so alluring it made the blond harder at the thoughts and plus the dirty talk was a plus he grinned.

Noel: Ahahhh! S-so big... whimpered Noel passively followed Snow's Masculine Robust Colossus swinging his hips back and forth who also grunted back and forth swinging his waist and hips.

With Snow's Masculine Robust Colossus non-stop bumping Noel's virginity anal, the overflow of thick sticky pre-seminal fluid from Noel's anal deep inside.

The blond-haired hunk reached out his hand and blazing stroked all Noel's anal around there perfect match connection point was Snow non-stop working on "Masculine Hunk's Robust Waist and Hips Infinite Lustful Back and Forth Swinging" and "Masculine Robust Colossus Infinite Lustful In-And-Out Juvenile's Virginity Anal" two comprehensively Infinite Lustful Mating combined movements divine area.

Along with the blond hunk and juvenile two males mating's non-stop flesh bumping and panting sounds, at the same time the two sweaty males mating junction continuously came the bursts of masculine meaty scent.

Noel tossed his head back and moaned wantonly.
Snow: Well Fuck!!! drooled Snow surrounded Noel's waist by his hand and squeezing Noel's Virginity Juvenile Cock then letting Noel's innocent scent pre-cum dripping.
The blond-haired hunk never want to waste any second, on the one hand non-stop thrusting with back and forth swinging his robust waist and hips, and on the other hand attempted turning Noel to face at him but won't stop mating him.

Moaned wantonly Noel felt the blond hunk's colossus in his anal deep inside began limits exceeded thick and hard, Snow one hand holding surround Noel's waist then masculine grunted Snow teamed up his own Masculine robust Colossus lifting Noel's lower body dangling in the air.

In the whole Infinite Lustful Colossus wildly thrusted the Juvenile's anal process, with the blond-haired hunk back and forth swinging his robust waist and hips, Snow holding surround Noel's waist hand ongoing rubbing Noel's Virginity Juvenile Cock until Snow's other grabbing Noel's one leg hand turning Noel around to face at him.

By moving turned Noel, Snow surround Noel hand had became holding his back, then the other grabbing Noel's leg hand tossed Noel's leg over Snow own shoulder.

With their eyes met the blond-haired hunk couldn't help but emerged Infinite Lustful Bestial Facial Expression on his own face as he saw the inexperienced virginity juvenile's ongoing mated blushing face was completely enamoured to the blond-haired hunk's Masculine Fuck.

Non-stop swing hips licked mouth corner Snow slightly bent down and leaning towards Noel who lay down on the table. Along with the blond-haired hunk continually leaned, Noel on Snow's shoulder leg was getting more and more separated with the other dangling leg.
It not only prompted Noel's anal hole more open, but also let the blond-haired hunk more barbaric thrusting his anal deep inside.

Being enamoured sitting on the blond-haired hunk's robust colossus Noel already was carried away the first by Snow's Infinite Lustful Mating Fuck, lustfully shivered and flattened palms against the wall in order to bear Snow's masculine muscle bumping.

Smirking Snow high cocked up his hips and pulled out his Masculine Robust Colossus til the tip and shuddered in ecstasy before thrusting back inside of the tight squishy warmth hole.

Noel mewled: N-Nhh! there.... please again! he begged.

Snow: With pleasure! purred Snow began wildly thrusting his colossus into Noel's anal deepest inside and non-stop bumping Noel's prostate with his Masculine Robust Colossus Glans.
With whole Snow's colossus enamoured the pleasure between pulling and inserting, Snow's facial expression became lustfully drugged-like, swing waist and hips mating movements also more and more bestial-like.

Endured more and more harder and faster vigorous thrusting making Noel muffle himself by pressing his mouth against his arms that he was currently using to hold himself up.
Abusing the tight hole and moving his hand back to Noel's cock Snow began to feel the hole's walls start to clench his huge, hard and rigid Masculine Robust Colossus around.
Wolf Down-like Snow non-stop swing his waist and hips, and Noel's hole walls also kept stroking Snow's colossus, due loaded with both of them intense movements to make the table also followed swing with loudly creaking.

Noel: Sn-Snow ahhh! Noel tossed his head back and cumming in the blond's hand screaming out his name.
With countless thrusting into Noel's willing body, Snow also cummed as well inside Noel squishy walls clamping around his colossus tightly. Riding out both their orgasms, Snow let Noel's hole milk him for all he was worth.

Both panted trying to catch their breath. Snow eased Noel's leg down once he had softened inside of the other and said: That was wonderful! I'll have to do that again sometime! smirked the blond pulling Noel close to him and kissed him deeply. He felt the body shiver against him.

M-m-m sliding a hand down Noel's back, Snow cupped one of the boy's cheeks: All mine! He growled manly.

Noel gasped and nodded his face still dusted with that adorable sexy blush.

Snow: Guess tonight I'll skip out on visiting Serah. Why don't we get some sleep? said the blond carrying the other bridal style laying him down gently. Pulling the covers up over them Snow held Noel close to his chest. The blond was the first to drift off to sleep.

Laying there Noel tried to collect his thoughts...well most of them.
One he actually slept with a robust valorous blond hunk who he just first met.
And this masculine hunk's bro eventually went so far as Serah's fiancé slash supposed husband.
Secondly, this would hurt his dear friend more than anything and lastly...why did he allow it to happen?

Surrounding by Snow's masculine breath and cuddling into the warmth Noel chose not to think about it anymore.
Snow's Masculine Robust Colossus had completely fucked Noel's virginity.
Noel already unable to extricate himself from Snow's Masculine Robust Colossus Mating.
He made up his mind, even if he's just Snow's little fling, the blond-haired hunk raped him just coveted his virginity, he still willing to let Snow continued to rape him in order to prevent Snow leave him.

Snow: Hey. the blond grumbled kissing the top of Noel's head.

Noel: Hm? Noel replied sleepily with a yawn closing his eyes.

Snow: I... I'm sorry. Snow whispered.

Noel: It's okay... Noel muttered.

(The blond felt guilty for using Noel this way so why was the guy so cool with it?)

Snow: I... I'm really satisfied to lose my virginity to you... thank you also gave me yours... I love you. Snow hugging Noel closer, gently with a very attractive, deep and manly voice said.

Noel: I... I love you, too. almost couldn't conceal his happy feelings and heart beating as deer rattling shyly smiled Noel.

Both men gave to each other precious virginity, their amour story outcome should be married and happy forever...
there is a robust valorous shirtless blond hunk intently watching the whole process of their blazing first night with burning blue eyes.
With his clasped fist, Serah and his engagement instantaneously vanished in his mind.

Then followed increasing blond Snow hunk debut, the most aesthetic blazing infinite lustful amour of wolves Snow guys gang rape puppy Noel opened their prelude...

Enjoy the blazing fiction in Chamber of Secrets


1. This article has been revised typos, and in order to correspond to the integrity of the video series, the story background made ​​slightly change.

2. The novel has now been combined and published in our original Snoel series which finally got the fiction writer's official permission! Congratulations!

Article Original Source: Xionamine

Post & Amended Article by Sherry & Jacinthe

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