Saturday, August 6, 2016

Life Is Strange:Max's Polarized Karma・Eternal Punishment Edition


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Same DEAD OR ALIVE:BAYMAN's Dirty Little Secret・Mating Candid Camera Event, as you can see the works information about the short film made by Alan Smithee. So there won't be too much description here.
But it doesn't mean the works is bad. Anyway this is about giving the protagonist's death punishment story and I'm very proud of it actually lol Just the editors personal reasons don't want to bear the title that's all.

Secretly say, there has been combined an amazing scene from SFMoneyshot works. His works really owned unique high quality could greatly enhance the editing level of works as Volt Krueger's DEAD OR ALIVE:RYU HAYABUSA vs JANN LEE・Infinite Lustful Sky City Tokyo Duel did. This time also introduced UnidentifiedSFM, LeeteRR and FUGTRUP etc animators works in the short film.
So just relax to enjoy and not to worry about Alan Smithee title, ok?
Lol See you next project!

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LIFE IS STRANGE:Max's Polarized Karma・Eternal Punishment Edition

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Life Is Strange:Max's Polarized Karma・Eternal Punishment Edition

A short film by Alan Smithee

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