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Top Secret Events V:Wolves Snow Guys Infinite Lustful Flames Promise


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It's really been a long time lol
This time our works combined with another great artist Derek P. N. and we really glad for the results upgrade to a more perfect state!
This is Final Fantasy XIII Series Season 2 Top Secret Events last episode, plot continuity since Top Secret Events II and then straightly entered Season 3 Mirrors Episode II ZERO.
Yeah, I have to admire our story writer and editors lol
Even if there were three Snow guys appeared but editors never let the audience confused the story development.
The story focus shifted to another protagonist - younger Snow!
After watched, I'm sure that you'll bated breath for its subsequent development!

Let our group's kawaii baby otter guidelines you the path and Enjoy!
Greetings and wish you all the best! 

Post Foreword by Archer

 Find the New Artefact In 

Final Fantasy XIII Series Top Secret Event V The Movie

Event V Story

◆ Apocalypse Prophecy indicates,
The time traveler will befall to meet his three destined heroes.
The three destined heroes owned exactly the same appearances and blazing sense of Infinite Lustful Mating Desires to their time traveler.
Along with their bodies and souls become one, not only cause spatiotemporal chaos, but also the collapse of the worlds...

Continuation of the story since Top Secret Events II.
Since Snow guys gang raped Noel in their blazing wedding night in Nora's house of New Bodhum, their sex CD spread like wildfire from one and another different spatiotemporal...
Coveted Snow guys of Cocoon people never be reconciled the time traveler - Noel seized those blonde robust Snow uber-hunks.
After watched Snow guys gang-rape Noel sex CD, in their endless chaos emotions, along with jealousy and resentment in the flames continue to spread.
Curiosity and desires to become hatred and fears...
As catching fire, the Apocalypse Prophecy began to circulate erroneous reports...

With an incomprehensible barbaric hunting Snow guys action carried out, Snow guys with Noel dispersed and begun their exile career.
Subsequently younger Snow was caught by Raines, he met up another spatiotemporal younger Snow who was likewise captured during he was captured in hunting action process.
However, with older Snow's rescue action, they escaped through the Void Beyond's Coliseum.
After twists and turns, finally their dispersion of actions avoid Raines tracking.
Younger Snow seems owned extremely important secrets to let older Snow especially to protect him.
They again planned to meet each other together.

En route younger Snow's rendezvous action, he undergone extraordinary his Eidolon - Ultimate Ifrit's Infinite Lustful Mating Gestalt Mode.

The Ultimate Ifrit use its Ultimate Ifrit Form Sperm's two robust and barbaric Colossus not only raping and mating, but also fertilized him.

Younger Snow got the Ultimate Ifrit's unique summon embodiment since Ultimate Ifrit's Infinite Lustful Semen cummed his deeply l'Cie virginity hole inside and fertilized him, that not only can make him owned unbreakable steel guard battle power, but also both can simultaneously mating during in the battles with Ultimate Ifrit's Infinite Lustful Mating Gestalt Mode.

After Ultimate Ifrit and his full swing Infinite Lustful Mating Gestalt Mode, younger Snow was rescued by older Snow.
And then older Snow inform another younger Snow their secret meeting place with Noel...

Time is running out... But they still don't know that can manipulate the spatiotemporal balance gear already rests in their own hands... 

Enter Chamber of Secrets to Enjoy it!

Final Fantasy XIII Series Top Secret Event V The Movie

The Origin of Snoel
Snow Villiers Theme

 My Infinite Lustful Hunk Eidolon - Ultimate Ifrit... Its robust and barbaric Colossus Non-stop Gang Rape my l'Cie virginity...


Snow's Religion!!!

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Enamoured Infinite Lustful Masturbation Theme

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