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Asura's Wrath:Males Mating Reincarnated・The Truth Of Words Of Wisdom


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Even if time goes by, after years, still no one can deny that Asura's Wrath is one of the best games ever.
Manly and unruly gameplay style really caught each hardcore fan's heart.
How to say?
 I'm not very into random making bromances about this game because its storyline is really respectable decent.
If there is any unknown bromance event that can be mentioned, it must be Asura x Yasha or Asura x Augus.

Until recently, I'm very lucky to find an amazing MMD animation artist -  ASSura Addict.
Through her God-like hands created a lot of breathtaking animations. Along with her works we finally can create Personal Exclusive Version Alternative cutscenes of the game (It's so perfectly insert the MV between Episode 9 ending and Episode 10 opening as if a true cutscenes . lol).

About the GMV Asura's Wrath:Males Mating Reincarnated・The Truth Of Words Of Wisdom, we'd set the story background between Episode 9 and Episode 10. According to the game, Augus clearly is the one who taught the male's lustful desire and the meaning of manly life to Asura. After repeated reincarnation, Augus and Asura's Males Mating Amour finally will come to an end...

By this secondary creation - Asura's Wrath:Males Mating Reincarnated・The Truth Of Words Of Wisdom that we introduce this rising star to you.
If you're interested her works after enjoyed our GMV, sincerely welcome to visit her Tumblr page. - Persona Group Plus

Asura's WrathMales Mating ReincarnatedThe Truth Of Words Of Wisdom

 Password Persona Group

 A fan made GMV Asura's Wrath:Males Mating Reincarnated・The Truth Of Words Of Wisdom

 Images & Background Music Edited by Persona Group Plus

 ASSura Addict

 Persona Group Fan Made GMV Works

Asura's Wrath 1st works And Your World Will Burn

Asura's Wrath 2nd works 修羅卍象 Shura Vientiane

Asura's Wrath 3rd works 修羅卍象 2 Shura Vientiane 2

 Renderer ASSura Addict

 Posted by Persona Group Plus



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