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FINAL FANTASY XIII:AWAKEN・RPG is our first RPG project. The game's storyline continues from FINAL FANTASY XIII:AWAKEN・Prologue as the timeline has been set between ERRORS and Snow's Religion!!! of our Snoel series.

First of all, created the RPG just because we're eager to own the game type of dreams, but we really have no any experience about create RPG so we're only able to try our best to show our strengths.

After the Demo has been several tests until the whole gameplay got minimize errors, we're not only satisfied with the results but also clearly know this RPG own a lot of potential for improvement.

Anyway, we are very happy to learn new things within our acceptable content limits.
And yeah! The game story is very delightful 💕 lol Enjoy 💕 - Jas

 OP Anomator:Gian Luke of Persona Group with Derek P. N.

Download Link

 Posted by Jas

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Snow's Religion!!!

Battle Theme

Enamoured Masturbation Theme

Infinite Lustful Blazing Semen・Immortal Promise Of The Wolves

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  1. Replies
    1. This is the officially project Chapter 1 as you've downloaded.
      (Considered file size, so make the project as 2 parts)
      Since you start to play, any choice option will lead you to different storyline results that's for sure.

      The most bad choice is - in the game beginning if you choose run away from Ifrit Onii-san.

  2. Is there a way to defeat two guys around a tree?

    1. No way lol
      That circle skill just scared me too.
      Just listen to Ifrit and retreat.

      Make sure come back to meet them after find 2 Snow.

  3. Ok,my 1 playthrough was:
    defeat ifrit,defeat 3 Snow,defeat ifrit again,became super strong,go to hell,make love with the wolfs and go to the crystal,did i miss something?
    It was fun,when you
    It was fun when you refuse make love with Snow and then Game Over lol

    1. Lol yeah, but not each refuse option would be bad lol
      Hmmm if you did not reached bosses as I'd posted snapshots, you may missed something in Ifrit's lair. Try chatting to those beast hunks lol

      and thanks to playing the game! Part2 will continue updating.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ok,finally completed the game,it was fun to play,video's and art was good,keep it up :3
    Cant wait for the part 2)
    The only thing that was annoying,that when you start to play from the beggining you can't skip the video

    1. Sincerely thanks for play and review! 👍🏼 For a RPG gameplayer you're also cool as completed it so quickly 😱