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 Fanfiction Prologue

After a fierce battle, in the end, Nonus successfully sealed Diabolos and three Behemoths. Exhausted all magic power Nonus let himself fall into Snow's arms as his body just like a dilapidated piece of paper.
"Nonus!!!" the immediate scene let Snow couldn't help but shouted out loudly.
Slowly got down one knee to let Nonus laid in his arms Snow worried and anxious expression all fully exposed as he took off his bandana.
"You really have a good looking..." Nonus smiled and weakly whispered."You can't help me... I cheated Diabolos and violated the devil's contract, this is the inevitable result..." The Brown-Haired Juvenile continued.

"No... Don't talk too much! I... !? What the..." alarmed Snow found out himself gradually rendered translucent and issued brilliant light green while trying to stop Nonus talking.
"Your time is up..." weakly grabbing Snow's hand Nonus as if with his only remaining strength continued saying.  "You're the only one who owned countless uncertain futures I met. I... I saw it from Oracle Drive accidentally... the destiny of human extinction is already doomed but not my famiy... Noel... the last human being, my unborn grandson... Meet him, please... Only you guys can go to The Void Beyond Of The Dying World...".

"No! Nooo!!! Nonus!!!" body was slowly lift-off Snow shouted to The Brown-Haired Juvenile and watching him was swallowed by a suddenly raised sand storm.
Along with the bursted of harsh winds, The Blond-Haired Hunk's shape also disappeared at the same time.

"Ciel ..." closed eyes Nonus softly called the name while tears slipping quietly from the corner of his eyes. Soon afterwards, The Brown-Haired Juvenile's shape gradually surrounded by a huge black shadow with a pair of bat wings, and then vanished into unknown darkness.

 Abruptly the darkness began to lustfully absorb surround everything into it until dull dark red skies with thick dull dark red clouds remained.
Then, time stopped... The Void Beyond Of The Dying World silently wait the chosen ones arrival.

- Persona Group Plus -

The Summary Of The Short Film

 Prologue story was Snoel series - Episode Zero's origin source, between Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2, while Snow (aka Older Snow of Snoel series) began the journey of searching Lightning for Serah. He accidentally entered future timeline and met Noel's grandfather - Nonus of Kreiss family.

 When Older Snow left Noel's grandfather - Nonus as he returned to his original timeline from the distant future, the world already had been through Diabolos' Chaos power warped spatio-temporal and fused with other spatio-temporal Snow guys, while Older Snow finally met Noel and also assembled Younger Snow and Another Younger Snow but not long he's missing as he's already trapped in the distant future's Yusnaan.

 Watched Older Snow lost whereabouts, Younger Snow and Noel trapped in their own time-warped loop, Another Younger Snow continuously encouraged Noel to make a series of ulterior amours decisions. That caused Noel non-stopped shuttling back and forth to different time and space and Enamoured to Infinite Lustful Gang-Mating with Amour Snow guys and him together.

 Enamoured in the 3D Virtual Reality Mating Ecstasy Another Younger Snow whimsically wanted to solve all the problems with his own Infinite Lustful Gangsta way, but thing was getting worse...


Password wolves Snow guys and puppy Noel

 Persona Group Original 2nd Creation FINAL FANTASY XIII:AWAKEN・Prologue
 Short Film by Persona Group Plus

 Persona Group Original 2nd Creation FINAL FANTASY XIII:AWAKEN・Infinite Lustful Forbidden Amours
 Fanfiction on Spring 2018!

 Posted by Persona Group Plus



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