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Adult-Fanfiction Trilogy・Final Fantasy VIII:GF 101・Ifrit


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Adult-Fanfiction Trilogy・Final Fantasy VIII:GF 101・Ifrit

Original Work by xax
Reprint, Adapted and Extended Editing combination of the fanfiction and games by Persona Group Plus

Squall's forehead still hurt.
Here it was, the afternoon of the SeeD exam, and he still hadn't managed to get his prerequisites done.
He'd planned to finish the last few tasks this morning, but Seifer just had to pull that stunt of his and put Squall in the infirmary for most of the day.
Now he had only a few hours to take and file his tests and, worst of all, Prof. Trepe seemed to think he'd need an escort as he hurried from task to task around the Garden, just in case... what?
Just in case he passed out from his head wound and fell into the water?
And had volunteered herself for the cause.
He really had no clue why she was following him around, trying to talk to him as often as not.
He was certain the growing pain in his head was due less to taking a sword to the face and more because of Prof. Trepe's high-pitched giggle, which she employed every time she thought she'd said something funny.
Squall stomped back to the second floor classroom, a veritable storm-cloud of grumpiness over his head.
According to his itinerary (which he had written a week ago and now even looking at the TO BE COMPLETED BY dates made him feel guilty) the only requirement for the SeeD exam he had left was the most challenging of the bunch - capture a mid-level Guardian Force and utilize its junction techniques (with elemental or status junctions worth extra credit).
Part of the reason that Balamb Garden was established, in fact, on Balamb Island was that practically every cave, forest, shore, and nook & cranny on the island had its own patron GF, which made procuring Forces for prospective SeeD members relatively easy.
Squall didn't know the details, something about indigenous earth-worshipping cultures that had attracted or created Forces which had remained to the present day.
At any rate, he had jotted down a few prospective sites when he was doing his initial planning, but with his current time crunch it looked like the nearest option was the only one feasible - all the other sites were at least a half-day hike into the more remote parts of the island, whereas the Fire Cavern was maybe a half-hour walk, through a field (and around a forest), away from the Garden.
And it looked like Prof. Trepe intended to follow him all the way there too.
If he had known that (and felt like blowing his chances of becoming a SeeD for the next six months) he would have picked the furthest site, the one on a sheer cliff, against the sea, on the other side of the mountain, just for spite.
Well, maybe not really.
She was a decent teacher, but she just kept talking to him, like she wanted to be his friend.
Squall's life was so hard.


Prof. Trepe did, in fact, come with him all the way to the Fire Cavern, giving advice on how to bat off mosquitoes and caterpillars on the way.
Admittedly, the mosquitos in Balamb were about the size of Squall's head, and the caterpillars were about twice the size of his entire body, but nevertheless he figured it should be assumed he could take care of himself.
On the far side of the forest, the field changed to scrubland broken up by rocky cliffs, ranging in height from a few feet tall to twenty or thirty.
After a few minutes awkwardly scrabbling around and over the landscape, Squall found the cavern entrance.
(Actually, Prof. Trepe found the entrance, but Squall was the one who found the right cliff, if only by almost breaking his neck [and ripping up the knees of his pants, too] falling down it. It still counted.)
It was bare and rocky, with boulders strewn around a dark hole in the cliff.
Prof. Trepe looked around, then coughed anxiously to attract Squall's attention (who was, as usual, doing his best to ignore her).
"There should be some Garden staff waiting here to time your test...."
Squall felt like the temperature around him dropped by a good ten degrees.
He was already pressed for time; if someone else's incompetence meant he was going to be stuck waiting here while everyone else went and took the SeeD exam he was going to make the responsible parties very uncomfortable.
Prof. Trepe went on, oblivious to Squall's sudden frozen posture.
"...You did tell the staff you were headed to the Fire Cavern this afternoon, right?"
Oh god, and the responsible party was him.
At Squall's stricken expression, Prof. Trepe raised a glove-covered hand to her mouth as she let out a shrill giggle.
Squall glared as well as he could, inside mentally kicking himself.
Oh god, he could feel his cheeks heating up, he really hoped his blush wasn't visibly obvious.
"Well, we all make mistakes from time to time, even my star student." 
Prof. Trepe thought for a moment.
"It's not strictly to regulation, but I could stand by outside to time and grade you."
Okay, and Squall forgave every bad thing he had ever thought about Prof. Trepe if she was going to work this out for him.
"But!" she exclaimed, turning to face Squall (as opposed to her regular oratory position, which was standing and speechifying to invisible masses, Squall thought, then remembered he should be feeling charitable towards her right now and felt somewhat guilty),
"This is dangerous. You're supposed to have a SeeD member escort you in the event this poses too much of a challenge for you alone.
Although personally I think you're an exemplary student and this won't be a problem for you, professionally I discourage you from doing this— it's far better to wait, even if you have to miss a SeeD exam, than to try a test like this alone and die."
Then she tittered again, totally destroying the stern look she had going for a moment.
"But I know you, Squall. You're probably relieved that you don't have anyone tagging along."
(Which was true, but he wouldn't have said it to her face.) "So, do you want to go in alone?"
Squall stared at her for a moment, then nodded. "...Yes."
Prof. Trepe brought up a hand to cover her mouth again, this time in an attempt to hide her broad grin.
"Of course. Now, you must select a time limit - time spent before emerging from the cave with the GF. Technically, you'll pass even if you fail this time limit, so you'll still be eligible for the SeeD exam, but you'll receive zero points on your grade."
Squall squinted at the sun, then looked at his watch.
Really, if he wanted to get back to the Garden in time for the evening SeeD exam, he'd have to be relatively quick no matter what.
Not to mention he'd never been inside the cavern and knew nothing about the standing conditions.
"...30 minutes?" 
He tried to flatten the end of the sentence so it wasn't too obviously a question, but Prof. Trepe just smiled, shook her head and ushered him towards the cave entrance.
She tapped a few buttons on her wristwatch.
"The timer starts now. Good luck, Squall."
He had already turned and was almost inside the cave.
He nodded, hoping Prof. Trepe wasn't expecting much of a response.


The first thing he noticed was that the cave was disconcertingly hot.
A warm breeze was wafting out from the cavern entrance as he reached the threshold, but as he walked deeper into the darkened corridor (stumbling on stray rocks a few times) the breeze rapidly went from warm to uncomfortably hot.
He was already hot and sweaty from the trek over, but he was definitely sweating more now, and he hadn't even rounded the first bend on the tunnel.
Which lead to the second thing he noticed about the cavern, there was a dull reddish glow coming from around the bend ahead, outlining the rocky walls in dim light. On one hand, the flashlight he had brought with him was a tiny, almost useless affair. On the other hand, this was incredibly foreboding.

As he rounded the corner it felt like he was hit in the chest with a wave of heat.
The narrow tunnel opened to a wide underground cavern, floored with glowing magma going down to unknown depths.

He could feel sweat break out all over his body.

It was a good thing he'd brought water with him for the walk over; if he'd tried this dehydrated he would have probably passed out halfway through.
The only path available, a rough rocky stone path raised just a few feet above the magma, snaked out between looming stalagmites to the center of the cavern.
The air was rippling in the heat, but it looked like there was a larger island in the center of the cavern which, if accurate, was probably the way to go.

His heavy leather jacket was already sticking uncomfortably to his arms, though.
He shrugged it off, grimacing as it caught against his sweaty arms.
He awkwardly rolled his shoulders to free his arms, then tugged the tangled garment off the rest of the way.
His sleeveless undershirt below his jacket was already going translucent from sweat.
He stretched his shoulders and neck, then tossed his jacket across his left forearm and continued into the cavern.

There came a strange skitter sound behind him as he moved and he whirled around, dropping his jacket and pulling out his gun-blade in one smooth motion.

A strange monster descended from the shadows above, with three leathery bat wings as well as three winged swan wings whirling around a demonic face.

 Squall stumbled back, away from it, then darted forward with his sword poised to strike.
He slashed the monster in two just as it started to sparkle with magical energy.
The two halves of the monster drifted to the ground, one wing landing in the magma and combusting with a short, bright flare.

He stood for a second, breathing heavily.
That hadn't even been a proper fight, but already the heat had him out of breath and panting.
He looked over at where his jacket had fallen and decided to leave it; he needed to keep his weapon out in case more monsters attacked, and the jacket was too cumbersome to carry if he wasn't going to wear it.
During the fight his undershirt had wrinkles up against his sweaty abs, and he pulled it back down, brushing his knuckles against his skin as he did so.

The humidity from the sea made the heat even more oppressive, although rare whirls of air through the cavern sent his flesh pricking up as they blew past him.
He could feel sweat trickle between his shoulder-blades and into the damp fabric of his undershirt as he started deeper into the cave.

His leather pants were starting to bunch together at his thighs with every step.

He automatically un-clipped his canteen from his belt and took a quick swallow, it really would do no good at all to get dehydrated.
Only a half-dozen meters brought him to a point where the cavern ceiling rose up higher, leaving no stalagmites or stalactites between him and the magma sea.
The path itself was only a meter or two wide, and it got even hotter as he passed the last of the stalagmites.

He irritably pushed his clumped, sweaty hair out of his eyes and peered into the distance.

The air was hazy and rippling, but he could definitely make out a large island at the center of the magma, surrounded by large pillars of stone.
As he looked, though, he became aware of a small, irregularly moving red blob coming from the side, heading towards him.
He rotated to face the thing as it bounced onto the path.
It spat out a stream of fire as it stilled and Squall fell back, narrowly dodging the flame.

It was a roughly spherical monster, with mottled red hide that elongated into rough spikes on its back and a twisted face on the front.

He grasped the hilt of his sword with sweaty fingers and dashed forward, cutting downward at the thing, but it bobbed out of the way and he only sliced open a hissing cut in its side, which quickly sealed up.
As if in response, the thing puffed out its cheeks and swelled up, quickly doubling in size before it exhaled another large gust of fire at Squall.
The heat from the fire didn't feel hotter than the rest of the air inside the cave, but he felt his hair singe and curl as he rolled backwards.
He cast a spare ice spell in one direction and lunged the other, and managed to bring his sword down heavily on the distracted monster.
His sword cut straight through its apparently hollow body and into the rock floor below.
It hissed and shook, trapped on his gun-blade, then began to glow and expand ominously as Squall pulled his blade out of it.

He stumbled backwards again as one of his belts caught against the rocky ground and swung him off-balance.

The monster exploded violently just as the tip of his sword emerged from the cut, and the rush of superheated air burnt off the short hairs on his hands and arms.

He rolled to the ground, hissing in pain as his suddenly uncooperative fingers dropped his weapon.

He mentally pulled up a cure spell before his skin blistered.
The cure spell spun around him like a vitalizing breeze, but the cool, crisp feeling of the spell faded soon and the oppressive heat of the cavern afterward felt even worse.
He was still sweating and now covered in soot from the dead monster.

He remained on the ground for a second as he tried to catch his breath in the scorching air.

As he got to his feet, a shifting weight and jingling sound called his attention to the ground, where one of his belts had fallen.
A piece of the monster's hide had burnt right through one of his belts, leaving it broken on the ground.
Squall sighed, but left it there.

He unbuckled his other extra belt and left it with; it had tripped him up during the fight and he couldn't afford to have that happen again.
He wiped his sooty hands on his undershirt, grimacing at the dark hand-prints they left, then at his hands, which were still covered in soot.
After a second of thought, he pulled his undershirt up over his head and left it there, too.

(It was already translucent with sweat, covered in soot, and burnt through in a few places, he didn't think it would be any use.)

The heat against his bare chest felt just as sweltering as when he had a shirt on, but the breeze against his torso as he moved was mildly refreshing, even as it caused goosebumps to prick up.

He looked down and blushed as he felt his nipples harden against the air, tiny droplets of sweat dropping across them.

He reached over to pick his sword from the ground and his hand left a long trail of dark soot across his chest.

He absentmindedly trailed his free hand against his chest, scratching against his heavy pectorals.

 The cave felt like a gigantic steam room - the humidity from the sea met with the magma to make a layer of thick, humid air.

He was sweating and out of breath, but felt surprisingly relaxed.
But then he shook his head, trying to clear it.

Squall grabbed his blade and hurried on, again aware of his time limit - he wasn't sure how long he'd been in the cave, but it couldn't have been more than a minute or two, even though it already felt like hours.

He blew out an annoyed breath as sweat trickled down his back.

He reached one hand back to scratch his lower back, only realizing as he drew his hand back that he had just smeared the soot around more.

Moving further, he came to a split in the path, one going a short way until dead-ending at an outcropping of rock, the other heading to the large stone island in the center of the cavern.
He headed towards the latter path, but subducting to the ground as he felt a wind in the superheated air above him.
There was another blast of air and a shrieking cry as he rolled over and got to his knees, scanning above him for whatever it had been that had attacked him.
Two large bats hung in the air, each flapping their large, translucent wings to stay above the magma sea.
One of them swooped down and Squall swung out of its way, but its claws still clipped his left shoulder, leaving behind a thin cut that rapidly swelled with blood.
Squall grit his teeth and cast an angry bolt of lightning at the retreating bat, striking it down in mid-flap.
The other bat shrieked out and subducting towards him, but this time he was ready and swung out, cutting through one of its wings so that it pinwheeled and hit the ground hard, flapping across the ground until it fell into the magma with a shriek.

With his last subduction to the ground, he had covered his torso with reddish dust, although already trails of sweat were drawing clean paths through the mess.

He almost raised a hand to wipe the dust away, remembering this time that his hands were still sooty, and equally dusty now, anyway.

The scratch on his shoulder was still bleeding slowly, but it had been a glancing blow and it was a pretty shallow cut, so he didn't think it was worth spending a spell on it.

He hurried towards the center of the cavern, sword in right hand.

But his left hand trailed across his abdomen, rubbing his sparse belly-hair.

He was so sure his face was flushed red now, on top of everything else he also could feel his Cock twitch and lengthen inside his sweaty underwear.

He edged his hand under the waistband of his pants, pressing his fingertips against the red marks which his belt had made against his skin.

His belt already folded and shifted while he fought, and now it was uncomfortably tight and pressing against his skin.

His heavy leather pants were scuffed all over and even more ripped up at the knees now after bear a few subductions to the ground. They're covered in dust, too.

Squall loosened his belt and his pants slipped down to a more comfortable position, hanging off his hips.

The inside folds of his pants were slick with sweat and felt absolutely terrible as he shifted his pants around.

He paused for a second, then removed his belt, taking the final swig of water from his canteen before dropping it on the path like with the rest of his garments, and let his pants sag further, letting more of his skin access the open air.

His legs felt the leather pants inner was Infinite Lustful rubbing all over his sweaty skin.

Sweat dripped into his eyes as he looked down and he cursed, then wiped a hand across his face that came back dripping with sweat.

At this point, his sweating skin didn't feel sticky or oily, just wet. Thus washing away the soot and the dirt had stick his full body.

Squall ran a hand through his dripping hair which was plastered to his skull with sweat.
His hand came back wet and clean, and he was suddenly aware of how gritty his hair would be feeling once he got out of the cavern.

He blew out an annoyed breath.
This morning already he'd had his face sliced open, and later on he was looking forward to facing off against a highly-trained hostile army in the SeeD exam.
But first, he had to finish this mission - just taking on a minor deity - and get out.
He stomped down the final few meters of the rocky path, until he was standing on the central island.
It was surrounded by rocky pillars that reminded him of bones, and at the very center was a circular hole that went straight down into the ground.

He walked closer, peering down into its depths, but jolted back when a pillar of flame burst out of it,
followed by a gigantic robust body.

Large, curved horns rose from below, a rough black colour, followed by a massive head.

The monster had reddish skin, fiery yellow eyes and a bestial muzzle lined with sharp teeth.

His ears were pointed at the tips and had several golden hoops pierced through the lobes and outer shell to match the thick bull lead through his nose.

Surrounding his face was a manful mane of reddish hair, flowing out behind his gigantic robust body like fire.

Squall swallowed and grasped his gun-blade tight, bringing it to bear as what could only be the Guardian Force Ifrit emerged from the flames.

Ifrit entire gigantic robust body was the same dusky red colour, and as his unnaturally long but valorous arms cleared the lip of the hole he reached up, massive robust muscles contracting, to grasp at the lip of the hole.

He dug his beast claws into the ground, then pulled himself up into the air to land in a crouch in front of the hole.

His valorous robust legs, compared to his over muscled gigantic robust arms and chest seemed thin and spindly, but they're still each larger far than Squall's entire body.

Ifrit rose his shaggy head into the air and roared, a sound that echoed through the cavern and sent pebbles dancing on the ground, then lunged forward at Squall, who subducting to the left just in time to avoid a sweep from Ifrit's dark claws.

As Ifrit drew back from his first attack, Squall rapidly tried to think of battle tactics.

Ifrit was about twice as tall as Squall was, but since he was constantly hunched over it would probably be possible to try to attack his head directly - Squall's train of thought was interrupted as Ifrit swung out again, and this time Squall blocked his strike with his gun-blade.

The sheer force behind the swing drove him staggering backwards, his arms aching from the impact.

"Impudent human!" Ifrit roared out, his tongue lolling out of his mouth as he howled.

Squall circled Ifrit, hoping to get behind him to attack, only to be foiled when Ifrit swiftly spun and knocked Squall supine with a single swipe of his robust hand.

Squall wheezed, coughing, as he tried to draw breath back into his lungs.
He looked around, seeing his gun-blade on the ground at the edge of the island, knocked against one of the rocky pillars.
He rolled to his feet, only to be thrown back to the ground by a swing of Ifrit's Robust hands.

This time Ifrit managed to pin him to the ground, one of his massive robust hands spanned across Squall's chest, his thumb notched into the ground right by Squall's ear, crunching and crackling as Ifrit closed his fist around Squall's torso.

Ifrit's fingers dug against the left side of his ribcage, right under his robust arm, the massive bracelet of gold around Ifrit's wrist digging pressing warmly against his abdomen.

The smooth, thick skin of Ifrit's robust palm Infinite Lustful rubbed against Squall's chest and peaked nipples.

The surge of Infinite Lustful sensation flooded through Squall's body, hardening his cock, and he bit the inside of his lip to stop himself from moaning out.

Squall struggled, Infinite Lustful rubbing further against Ifrit's robust hand, kicking out at Ifrit's forearm, but all that accomplished was Ifrit using his other robust hand to pin Squall's legs to the ground.

Ifrit glowered down at Squall and bared his alarmingly sharp teeth.
"You dare fight me?"
he said, and even when he wasn't roaring the sound of his voice made Squall's ears ringing.

The looming GF actually seemed to expect an answer to his question of the Infinite Lustful Mating request, even through from Squall's point of view the fight was ostensibly over.
 "...Yes?" Squall panted out, after an awkward pause.
Squall kept struggling against Ifrit's robust hands, trying to ignore how his Cock was slick and hard just from humping it against Ifrit's robust hand, or how everytime he moved his torso his stiff nipples be Infinite Lustful rubbed against the manly rough skin of Ifrit's robust palm.

Ifrit raised his head up to let out a deep, booming laugh, and Squall took that as his chance.
Rapidly, he let off an Ice spell at Ifrit's robust chest, the magical cold freezing a chunky spear of ice that crashed against Ifrit's robust chest.
Ifrit pulled his hands up to grasp at the rapidly-melting ice, his laugh turning into an angry cry.
Squall rocked to his feet again and ran to where his gun-blade was stuck embedded into the ground, peppering Ifrit's gigantic robust body with Ice spells as he ran.
Ifrit had started to respond with fire of his own, and half the time the chunks of ice sizzled and vaporized before they impacted his gigantic robust body.
In fact, it looked like the other half of the time all Squall was managing to hit Ifrit with was ice water.

Ifrit let out another angry roar and charged at Squall again, but this time he was somewhat ready and slid out of the way as Ifrit hit one of the rocky pillars, the impact blasting great chunks of it apart.

Squall swung with his blade, cutting a slice in Ifrit's flank that bled dark blood, then moved away from the Guardian Force, casting more as he went.

The two clashed again near the center of the island, uncomfortably close to the yawning pit at the very center, and this time Squall used his smaller size to his advantage, clamoring across Ifrit's gigantic robust body as the beast struck out at him.

Despite the situation

- angry GF trying to claw him apart on a small rock in the center of a magma sea -
Squall found each rough contact between them pulling at something below his abdomen, his slide over Ifrit's slick robust muscled back was a lot sloppier than it had to be, part because his Cock was half-hard, trapped uncomfortably in his sagging pants, part because he kept staring more at Ifrit's manly shifting manful muscles and less at his claws.

Ifrit growled below him as Squall slipped over his shoulder and his Cock twitched.

 Ifrit's pivot swung him off the muscled GF and back to the ground, his legs buckling slightly as he landed.

If Squall had thought he was hot and sweaty just walking around in the cavern, this proved him wrong.
His hair was matted flat against his head, and he was dripping sweat.
He was panting hard, the heat and the steaming failures of Ice spells were not doing good things to his ability for respiration.
He couldn't judge how Ifrit was faring, but he was bleeding and wet and snarling.
They were at opposite sides of the island, although that still put them about four meters away from each other, maximum.

Ifrit was crouched to the ground, almost pawing at the ground like a bull.

And it was all Squall could do to keep his sword up and in his hand, his arms ached and his hands were slippery with sweat and water.

Ifrit tensed, his paws catching against the rough ground, then lunged forward, batting Squall against one of the rocky pillars and knocking his gun-blade from his hand again.
His claws curled around Squall's torso, the thick black nail of his thumb scraping across his chest, close to one of his hardened nipples.

Squall groaned automatically and panted, his struggling against Ifrit's grasp only making him curl tighter, his rough, pebbled skin rubbing against Squall's body.

Ifrit stared down at Squall, something halfway between a leer and a smirk on his face.
"Many of your... SeeDs have come to fight me," he started, and Squall stilled at his voice.
"but none before have responded like this...", he continued as he slid his free hand almost softly up Squall's leg.
Ifrit cupped Squall's trapped Cock, his fingers spread across his thighs, two Infinite Lustful rubbing beneath his confined balls.

Looking aside, Squall flushed red even as he ground his Cock against Ifrit's robust palm.

Ifrit rocked his hand back obligingly, although his other hand, clamping Squall's arms to his sides, remained unmoving.

Squall arched back, minutely increasing the contact between his chest and Ifrit's constraining robust hand.
"Uh..." Squall said, unable to think of any possible rejoinder but nevertheless knowing that Ifrit surely expected some response from him.
He glanced to the side, avoiding making eye contact with Ifrit even as he continued Infinite Lustful rubbing his palm against Squall's Cock.

Ifrit made an awful choking sound it took Squall a second to realize was laughter, then spoke again
"You humans amuse me so, you all avoid doing what you desire."
Ifrit fell silent for a moment, his hands still rubbing softly against Squall's body.
"But surely you desire me, do you not?"

This was a question Squall figured he could answer easily "Yes" he groaned out, face red.

Ifrit laughed again, his voice deep and loud.
"So take it -"
But then he leaned close, so his broad, flat nose was almost touching Squall's, his hot breath blowing out across Squall's face.
"Or perhaps I should take you?"

In an instant, time stopped.
Ifrit was casting a twisted spatiotemporal without time flowing, as he not only known well about the Seed exam time limit stuff, but also want to fuck Squall as long as he want to.

Squall opened his mouth to respond or maybe just make vague desperate noises, but Ifrit tilted his head down that final fraction and brought their lips together.

With the size difference, it was more like Squall's lips against Ifrit's
manly beast teeth, as Ifrit's manful lips covered most of Squall's face, from the bottom of his nose to just above his chin.
But Ifrit groaned against Squall's mouth, his tongue Infinite Lustful prodding against his lips, parting them to delve into Squall's mouth.

Squall moaned, mouth opening wide as he leaned toward Ifrit, kissing him messily back.

Ifrit kept his robust hands busy even as he kissed and licked at Squall's face, Infinite Lustful tugging and rubbing along Squall's bare skin.

Ifrit's Infinite Lustful tongue was long and slippery as he fed it to Squall, mashing it against his teeth and Squall's own squirming tongue.

 Squall groaned again, his breath hitching, and struggled against Ifrit's manly grasp to free his arms to pull Ifrit closer.

Ifrit kept him pinned, struggling, as he kissed him wetly, a vibrating chuckle deep in his throat.

But Ifrit drew back, pulling apart even as he licked his lips looking down at Squall.
Ifrit loosed his massive robust hand from around Squall, who sank to the ground, legs trembling.
Ifrit crouched with him, his other massive robust hand still groping at Squall's crotch.

Squall reached out slowly and placed a hand lightly on Ifrit's robust muscled chest, spreading his fingers out until his palm was flat against the skin.

Ifrit's manly skin was velvety, covered in tiny reddish hairs, still slick from their fight.
Squall slid his hand across Ifrit's dusky hide to the tuft of hair on his chest, then down across his robust muscled abdomen.
Squall stared down at Ifrit's robust muscled thighs, at Ifrit's robust colossus cock, half-hard.

Ifrit's robust colossus cock juts out from a dense thatch of pubic hair, one by one exudes exceptional manly Infinite Lustful semen scent thick fluid - Precum drops clinging from the External Urethral Opening of the hooded Glans of Ifrit's robust colossus cock.

Squall stopped with his hand against Ifrit's robust muscled abdomen, wiry hairs between his fingers.

Ifrit rumbled above him, his hand stroking Squall's Cock through his pants, and Squall felt heat rise in his face.

Ifrit unbuttoned his pants as he grasped Ifrit's robust colossus cock, the rough sweaty pubic hair tangling his fingers.

Squall could see tremors run through Ifrit's robust muscled legs as he began feeling Ifrit's robust colossus cock, hefting its weight in his hand.

It was thick, even half-hard he couldn't wrap his fingers around the heavy shaft.
Squall reached up, across Ifrit's robust clawed hand now poking holes in his underwear, to grasp loosely around Ifrit's robust wrist, just below his heavy golden bracelet.
He slid his other hand across the length of Ifrit's robust colossus cock, fingers becoming slick with the Infinite Lustful musky precum slowly oozing from the head of Ifrit's Colossus Cock, then reached down to tug as the low-hanging robust balls of Ifrit's robust colossus cock, each one alone more than a handful.

Ifrit pulled up and Squall cried out, surprised, as Ifrit picked him up one-handed.
Squall automatically grabbed at Ifrit to keep his balance, one hand gripping Ifrit's robust wrist, the other, Ifrit's robust muscled thigh.

Ifrit balanced Squall in his hand, Squall's Ass spread on his palm as his claws curled against Squall's back, Ifrit's thumb curling up between his thighs to press against Squall's inner thigh, the very tip of his thumb still Infinite Lustful rubbing against Squall's Cock.

Ifrit reached out with his other hand and pulled down at Squall's pants, already spread around his thighs, which slid loosely down his legs to catch on his boots.

He pulled carefully at Squall's underwear for a moment, then grasped the waistband firmly and pulled, ripping it to pieces with a loud tear.
Squall's Cock flopped out, resting along the indentation made by Ifrit's thick talon grasping Squall's muscled thigh.

Ifrit brought his arm close and opened his mouth wide, the sight of his many sharp teeth sending Squall's adrenaline spiking for a moment until his tongue lolled out to lick its way down Squall's sweaty chest.

Ifrit's long, slick tongue Infinite Lustful slid across Squall's chest, first to one nipple and then the other, each Infinite Lustful touch was sending a Manly Barbaric spike of Infinite Blazing pleasure through his body.

Although Ifrit's saliva wrapped his tongue to make it oily slick as a whole.
In fact, Ifrit's tongue not only blazing hot and lustful slick, but also thick, hard and rough far than a human uber hunk male's cock 9 times large!
Plus Ifrit's moist puffs of breath raised goosebumps for each moment as he lapped at Squall's skin.

Squall felt a rising thrill in the pit of his stomach as Ifrit lapped across his stomach, like some coil winding beneath his skin.

The massive Guardian Force Ifrit leaned down and licked Squall's hardening Cock.
His thick, long tongue slid around the base of Squall's Cock as he drizzled saliva over it and Squall let out an undignified lustful moan, his breath hitching halfway through.
Squall closed his eyes and focused on breathing evenly, the scorching heat made him feel lightheaded and Ifrit slick lustful tongue's blazing lick on his Cock distracted him from his growing breathlessness.

Though Squall hardly noticed it, Ifrit lowered him closer to the ground, until his boots caught against the floor.

Ifrit kept Squall on his broad hand as he stooped over to continue licking at Squall's Cock.
Only the final contact with the ground as Ifrit slid his hand out from under Squall's Ass registered, and then only so much as to arc Squall's Hips up, pressing Squall's Cock closer to his mouth.
Ifrit reached over and wrapped a hand around one of Squall's ankles, his massive fingers curling lightly against Squall's muscled leg, then pulled up, first removing his tangled pants as carefully as he could (which meant adding quite a few more holes in the leather), then tugging Squall's leg up into the air, sending him sprawling on his back on the dust ground.
Ifrit licked down across Squall's balls and then between his legs, and Squall let out a lustful shout as the tip of Ifrit 's tongue settled down between his ass cheeks.

Squall struggled again, but when Ifrit forced his tongue drilling into the tight entrance of Squall's virginity anal he let out a high-pitched lustful crying, moaning and pushing back against Ifrit's robust bulk.

Ifrit grinned against Squall's leg and bent down, forcing his long tongue drilling deeper, dumping more slick saliva into Squall's ass.

Squall huffed loudly, awkwardly scrabbling with his hands against Ifrit's robust legs.
He could see only the manly curved horns crown of stooped Ifrit's head between his raised legs, pressed close to his ass.

Squall tried to sit up, only to have Ifrit incoherently growl at him and pull him up,
for rim Squall,
based on the sizes of the disparities between their bodies,
Ifrit mashup Doggie Style and Standing 69 into a Human Male Mating with Male Beast's Standing 69 Position of Infinite Lustful Bestiality,
Ifrit himself rolling back in a pile of limbs, so Squall ended up sprawled against Ifrit's gigantic robust body, upside down prone on Ifrit's manful neck and robust chest, with his legs splayed around Ifrit's manly curved horns, Ifrit's robust hands still grasped around his ankles.

Meanwhile Squall was facing Ifrit's robust colossus cock, the thick length still only half-hard, the heavy foreskin half-covering the cock's head, dark purple and with a glinting golden piercing still mostly covered.

Squall grabbed at Ifrit's robust colossus cock as his tongue constantly shifted deep inside him, pulling another broken lustful cry out of him as his Cock drooled out a string of pre-ejaculatory fluid - precum onto Ifrit's robust abdomen.
Squall slid his hands up Ifrit's robust colossus cock to feel the thick veins running across the shaft and spread his legs as Ifrit continued licking and slobbering at his ass.

Ifrit got golden metal piercings on his robust colossus cock shaft, and a series of rough golden red pubes like barbels up his cock underside, and his cock twitched in Squall's arms as Squall ran his hands over it.
Ifrit pulled Squall back, sucking and biting around the rim of Squall's ass.

Squall could feel the wet twisting of Ifrit's tongue continued drilling deep inside him, and as Ifrit stooped more and more lower, his thick, hard and rough tongue also repeatedly hit hot spot of the prostate inside him again and again...

Squall shuddered and lustful moaned out, Ifrit's robust colossus cock slipped from his hands to bob heavily above his crotch, thick drops of precum pulling out in ribbons as they dribbled from the tip of Ifrit's robust colossus cock.

It wasn't long until Squall felt a familiar tightening in his stomach, and he reached down to pump his cock for only a few strokes, until he lustful moaned out as he had orgasm and ejaculated - came.
His balls pulled up tight against his cock base, and then several strings of cum shot out, across Ifrit's robust abdomen, most splattering against Ifrit's robust colossus cock, webbing across the thick meat and sliding slowly into his bushy pubic hair.
Squall felt Ifrit slowly pull back, his tongue writhing out of Squall's ass.

Squall opened his eyes and looked over his shoulder, to where Ifrit was pulling his tongue which looked like over one foot out of his ass, saliva running down his chin and into his mane.

"You are so sensitive?" Ifrit boomed out, angling his head to Squall's cock.

Squall didn't think he could blush any harder, but he managed to stammer out "Um, this is the first time I've -" before cutting himself off.

Ifrit, however, just looked pleased - which was a fairly alarming expression on him.
"That's so fucking lucky me..."
he growled out, and slick tongue lustful licked his mouth corner and chin where had splashed their both's precum, saliva and sweat of mixed sticky juice like,
"Then I must show you a memorable time as I always fuck with the blonde guy!"
with his voice deeper and less deafening than usual, he released Squall's ankles and slid his hands up Squall's legs until his fists were clenched around Squall's upper thighs, a massive predatory grin on his face as he continued,
"Can't say the blonde guy come from future or past of different spatiotemporal, but nothing can stop me! I can through the spatiotemporal and totally fucked his virginity up with my Eidolon!"
he growled out again with a Infinite Lustful Bestial laughter,
"Snow Villiers... that's his name, he's the only one I identified the mating male of mine!!!
(For more Ifrit's Eidolon mating Snow details, please refer to Top Secret Events V: Wolves Snow Guys Infinite Lustful Flames Promise)
Now, you..."
 continued saying with lustful drooling out of mouth corner,
"I'm the best candidate for fuck up your virginity as would be befitting of your... lesser experience!"
with his talk just ended, an action that coaxed a wakening stir from Squall's soft cock.
Ifrit rubbed his clawed index fingers against Squall's slick hole, then carefully dug them into his loosened asshole and pulled them apart, stretching Squall's hole open.
He bent down and spat into Squall's open hole, the thick saliva clinging to the inner walls of Squall's ass.

Squall cried out, looking over his shoulder as Ifrit dug his fingers deeper into his slick, loosened asshole.
Squall's cock stirred at the sight, still slick with his own cum.

For fuck Squall,
Ifrit bent down and licked around his ass again then drew back,
think over the sizes of the disparities between their bodies,
Ifrit lustfully mashup The Pile Driver and The Flying High into a Human Male Mating with Male Beast's Soaring Eagle Position of Infinite Lustful Bestiality,
once again Ifrit himself rolling back in a pile of limbs, let Squall tumbling down from his perched on his robust chest, and slid his hard robust colossus cock against the crack of Squall's ass.

Squall froze for a moment as the massive, hot flesh pressed against his spread-open asshole, his again-hard cock spitting out more precum as it happened, but Ifrit's robust colossus cock slid up between Squall's legs to press against Squall's jutting cock.

Ifrit's robust colossus cock was a darker shade of red than the rest of his skin, and the revealed head was so dark as to be purplish.
His thick foreskin was wrinkled around the flared head of his cock, slick with precum.
With his foreskin pulled back he could see that Ifrit had a thick golden ring punched straight through the head of his cock, threaded through the slit and coming out through the underside.
Ifrit's Infinite Lustful Precum was freely drizzling out of the tip, forming great stringy ropes that quickly coated Squall's cock and trickled down his inclined stomach to mix with the semen he'd already ejaculated.
Ifrit pumped his robust colossus cock through Squall's slick thighs a few times, splashing his precum all over Squall's legs and belly, then crouched down to slot the robust colossus cock's head against Squall's open asshole.
He rubbed the robust colossus cock's head once or twice, then grasped at Squall's asshole and pulled outward as he leaned forward, forcing Squall's ass open around his robust colossus cock's bloated head.

Squall yelled out as Ifrit's robust colossus glans slowly opened up his ass, and he hardly even noticed as his cock spewed a stringy semen all over himself as Ifrit shoved his massive cock into Squall.

Ifrit spit again, his saliva splattering at the rim of Squall's asshole as he pushed in.
He gradually shifted Squall around his massive glans, Squall's asshole opening more and more wider as he repeatedly shuttled his cock forth and back with his robust hips Infinite Lustful swinging, plus his talons, glossy with spit and precum, contributed pulling Squall's ass more open wider.
Ifrit's robust colossus glans sunk slowly into Squall's ass, which closed snugly around the thick shaft of Ifrit's robust colossus cock.

Squall took deep, gulping breaths as he tried to adapt to the Ifrit's thick and hot robust colossus cock splitting him open.
His asshole spasmed around Ifrit's robust colossus cock shaft, his already slack and relaxed ass muscles pulled to their limit around the massive intruder.

Ifrit hunched as he pushed in further, his cock sliding in more smoothly after the broad crown of the robust colossus glans was inside.
His slick, stringy Infinite Lustful precum helped his cock sliding into more deep inside,
he repeatedly dragged his cock forth and back with his robust hips non-stop Infinite Lustful pushing and pulling in Squall's asshole,
along with gradually deepened the depth of the insertion, his robust hips swinging moves gradually intensified,
the moves more and more harder, more and more faster,
more and more harder, more and more faster!
And as he fucked Squall he splattered bursts of precum against the walls of Squall's ass, shooting with more and more force, each like a miniature orgasm for the hulking beast.
Ifrit pulled Squall closer, his mouth open as he panted with rasping breaths, and the first of the golden nubs slipped into Squall's ass.

Squall moaned out, scratching furrows in the rocky dirt of the island.

Ifrit took one hand away from forcing Squall's ass open and slid it across Squall's chest, picking up his own precum along with Squall's slick cum in rough splatters, then lifted his hand up to his mouth, where he licked a broad stripe across his palm, drinking down the thick mixture.
Ifrit non-stop Infinite Lustful rocked his robust hips forth and back,
pushed his cock forth with buttocks muscles contraction and pulled his cock back with buttocks muscles relaxation,
as he deliberately demonstrated extremely brave of the waist strength to Squall,
his hip Infinite Lustful swinging drove the short segments of the cock barbarous bestiality fucking Squall's ass,
jolting Squall back with each meaty thrust deeper and deeper.
The flared glans of Ifrit's robust colossus cock hit every barrier deep in Squall's ass with his barbarous bestiality moves and they both groaned, Squall's breathy grunt drowned out by Ifrit's growling roar.
Ifrit slightly pulled out, moved Squall around on his cock, then forced his cock back into more, again and again pressing then more and more deeper.

Squall groaned out again as another thick piercing slipped into his ass, his cock once again stiffening.

Ifrit leered down at Squall and pressed one heavy hand against Squall's chest, clear at a glance that he not only kept fucking Squall as well but also constantly preparing for the savage thrust that drove another and more another few inches inside.

Squall cried out, Ifrit's robust colossus cock thumping against the inside of his body, stretching him out to fit.
His ass was broken open, a slick mix of precum and saliva drooling overflowed out around the loose seal Ifrit's robust colossus cock made as he piston-ed through his asshole.
Squall pulled himself up to his elbows to look at the thick shaft of Ifrit's robust colossus cock, focusing at how much of it was still outside his ass.

Ifrit reached out and angled Squall's head up, his inhumanly-long fingers curling around Squall's chin and neck, and forced Squall to stare into his eyes.
Non-stop blazing fucking movement along with barbarous crunching virginity ass of the colossus cock, valorous waist combined with the robust hips swinging, sturdy abdominal muscles contraction, alluring nipples with robust chests, manful stubble face with reveal the infinite lustful eyes all in one sudden,
Ifrit used his other hand to grasp around Squall's waist and pull, hard, forcing most of the rest of his robust colossus cock into Squall's gaping asshole in one long thrust.

Squall again shouted out loudly, his cock pulsing painfully as he began to cum again, shooting out only a few thin spurts of cum over his chest.

Almost all of Ifrit's robust colossus cock was in him, only an inch or two left between Squall's obscenely stretched ass and the thick base of Ifrit's robust colossus cock, covered in messy red pubic hair.
Ifrit leaned back, pulling Squall with him until he was squatting over Ifrit's robust colossus cock, his legs trembling with the effort of standing under his own weight.
Ifrit roared loudly and his robust colossus cock Infinite Lustful pulsed rapidly inside Squall.
Ifrit felt massive bursts of fluid fill his guts, and the thicker precum drizzled out of Squall's stretched-open ass and onto his muscled abdomen.

Squall's asshole spasmed ineffectively as his legs gave out and he sank onto Ifrit's robust colossus cock.

The flared crown of Ifrit's robust colossus cock dug through Squall's asshole inside, forcing itself deeper as he slid slowly down, until his ass was pressed against Ifrit's massive balls, Ifrit's rough, wiry pubic hair scratching against his thighs.
Human Male Mating with Male Beast's Mastery Position of Infinite Lustful Bestiality was stand-by,
Ifrit waited, staring at Squall as he struggled for breath, impaled on his robust colossus cock, it felt like the head of Ifrit's cock was pressing against his lungs.

But slowly Squall regained his breath and sat, legs spread wide, arms loose and trembling, on Ifrit's robust abdomen.

Ifrit Infinite Lustful grinned at Squall as the most blazing fuck was completely ready, his bared teeth and lolling tongue more alarming than anything else, then curled his arms around Squall's ass and back, supporting Squall on his massive hands.
Ifrit slowly pulled Squall off his robust colossus cock, until the flared crown of his cock pulled Squall's asshole wide again, the thick head remaining partly inside Squall.
Thick splashes of precum were constantly burbling from his cock, and the fluid spurted into Squall's ass only to drool out around the loose seal of Ifrit's robust colossus cock, down the massive shaft, dripping from his wet foreskin and down onto his hairy lower abdomen and balls.
For a second Squall stood almost upright on Ifrit's robust abdomen, until Ifrit pulled back Squall with his around arms, and again Squall sunk down onto his cock, unable to hold up his own weight.
Now, Squall's ass opened easily to Ifrit's robust colossus cock as he had become a dragon rider like, and when half the massive cock was lodged in his ass Ifrit thrust upwards, the curled arms around Squall's waist also quickly pulling down him to ram the remaining length of his robust colossus cock into Squall's ass with one fierce thrust.
Ifrit's robust colossus cock spasmed violently inside Squall's ass and he started bucking his robust hips with Infinite Lustful barbarous swinging.
Ifrit repeatedly non-stop Infinite Lustful swing his hips, his robust colossus cock like a lustfully hungry wolf bashing an innocent puppy, barbarously crunching Squall's ass to rape his virginity completely.
He threw his head back, making a low growl that raised in volume until it peaked at a terrible roar.

Along with Ifrit's robust hips countless fucking movement more and more barbarous harder, more and more valorous faster,
Squall just like a completely fucked dragon rider intoxicated with bounced up and down on Ifrit's robust colossus cock, indulge in Infinite Lustful Mating brought sensory stimulation and pleasure with a seductively sheepish facial expression as he lost his priceless virginity, he easily with a foot of cock sliding in and out of him as spasmed roared, the massive cock inside him twitching and spasming as Ifrit started to cum.
The first blast erupted with the force of a punch to shake Squall's whole male genitalia inside, Ifrit's Infinite Lustful Sperm just like powerful army force also took advantage of the cumshot power to break Squall's guts inside fertilized him,
and the second and third left him gasping for breath as Ifrit continuously hammered his spurting colossus cock into Squall's guts inside.
Thick hot cum poured out around Ifrit's robust colossus cock with wet slopping sounds as Ifrit continued Infinite Lustful Rocking Squall forth and back.

Ifrit slowly eased Squall off his robust colossus cock and with each spasm more and more cum blasted out from his spurting colossus cock, the overflow forming thick pools in the crevices of Ifrit's muscled abdomen and spilling out across his body, trickling to the ground below.
Eventually the broad head, flared wide outward as he came, popped out of Squall's ass, spurting blazing bestial semen all over Squall's ass and thighs.
Ifrit's roar subsided to a low growl as Squall sank down onto Ifrit's thighs, Squall's legs giving out.
Ifrit's ejaculation was still shooting off, his robust colossus cock spurting cum all across his robust body, coating his bestial face and manly monstrous chest with thick streamers of cum.
Ifrit wrapped a clawed hand around the base of his spurting colossus cock and stroked it, squeezing and rubbing, sending the last thick spurts of thick, jelly-like cum all over their bodies.
Eventually his orgasm died down as only trickles of thick, chunky cum oozed from the distended tip of his robust colossus cock.

Squall attempted to wipe the cum from his face and shook his hand, sending thick blobs of the stuff splattering onto Ifrit's hide.

Ifrit looked up, his face streaked with white streamers, his glowing eyes seeming bestial shine with satisfaction.
He pulled Squall up to lie across his massive manly monstrous chest and dug two fingers deep into Squall's cum-filled ass.

Squall closed his eyes and promiscuously moaned out as Ifrit prodded against his insides, his fingers reaching depths easily that Squall hadn't known he had until now.
Ifrit's broad, blunt fingers prodded against his insides and soon Squall ejaculated again, his half-hard cock spasming and drawing third only a few droplets of thin fluid, but the orgasm locked up all his muscles as at passed over him.
Squall could feel Ifrit rumble, the vibration carrying in his manly monstrous chest and through Squall's body.

"Then," Ifrit started, his tongue lolling out of his mouth as he panted.
His voice was almost at a normal volume, so that it didn't hurt to hear his base voice while lying on his chest.
"I suppose you deserve to receive my aid."

"Huh?" Squall questioned, his mind slowly coming back from the dim buzz of repeated orgasm.

Ifrit grinned, his manly thick lips splitting open to display sharp teeth.
"Well, just let you know as I fuck my blonde guy with my Eidolon's Ultimate Ifrit's Infinite Lustful Mating Gestalt Mode once every day, so you can't be an exception!"
Ifrit raised his right hand, his fingers dripping cum, to press Squall to his manly monstrous chest, then sat up.
"Once a day at the same time fuck my blonde guy with my Eidolon mode and fuck you with my GF mode... I thought of it I felt thrilled"
Ifrit muttered with Infinite Lustful sinister smiled and then continued,
"And after that fuck - perhaps take turns both of you guys, I have to seriously fuck each of you... redetermine your ability."
Had finished speaking, Ifrit head down and Infinite Lustful staring at Squall.

Squall after listened to Ifrit's Lustfully blazing words, he flushed and awkwardly half-stood on Ifrit's thighs, half-dangled from his hand as Ifrit reached up with his left hand to pull Squall's gun-blade from the pillar it was embedded in.
Squall stepped to the ground as Ifrit released him from his grasp and crumpled under his own weight, his legs were wobbly and weak and his ass felt raw and aching.
It was only a few paces to where his blade had fallen, but he progressed slowly, tensing with each step as his legs complained and his reamed-open ass sent aches through his body.
He could feel a thick slickness on his legs as trails of Ifrit's Infinite Lustful Semen leaked from his wrecked ass and slid down the back of his thighs.
He stooped to pick up his gun-blade and the resulting twinge in his lower back sent him to his knees.
"I really fucked with Ifrit... that bestial hulk."
Squall flushed again and tried to calm down his cock ready to make trouble, he readied a cure spell, only to have Ifrit's heavy hand press against his back.
Squall looked over his shoulder, ignoring the shock of pain that sent through his back.

Ifrit himself, however, was already dissolving into light as he prepared to relocate himself into Squall's mind, because Squall had fertilized and his heart and soul only belong to Ifrit already.

The jolting shock when Squall did felt like a whirlwind passing through the back of his head, and the diffuse heat that settled over his body afterwards soothed his aches and pains.

Soon Ifrit had vanished altogether, leaving Squall on his knees, naked in the center of the magma sea.

Squall's discarded pants lay nearby, ragged and dusty.
He wasn't sure about his clothes, he was coated in cum, both his own and Ifrit's, and Ifrit's Infinite Lustful Semen was still dripping down his legs.
He attempted to wipe off the worst of the splatters of cum across his body with only his hands - first the light streaks across his face, then the heavy trails seeping from his ass.
Squall frowned, his cheeks flushed while started lustful moaning, as his fingers effortlessly slipped into his ass as he ran his hand across it, combined with asshole's walls a series contractions, and then a lot of heavy slug of Ifrit's Infinite Lustful Semen drooled out from between them.
Unlike when Ifrit ejaculated semen's milky white, Ifrit's Infinite Lustful Semen presented a thick heavy milky yellow sticky mucus drooled out Squall's ass, because the sperm of it already attached to Squall's whole male genitalia inside as fertilized him, Junctioned him.

He hastily drew his hand back, and wiped his cum-coated fingers against his thigh.
He staggered to his feet, the pain gone except for a few dull aches, and stumbled towards his pants.
With Ifrit inside him, the cave felt less like an inferno and closer to pleasantly warm, but he was still sweating freely.
The sweat was, at least, helping to wash away the heavy layer of mingled cum coating his body, but the sticky mixture made his pants almost impossible to pull back up and even less comfortable to wear.
The knees were also ripped up to uselessness, he'd have to throw out this pair when he got back to Garden.

Squall still felt like blushing, he was sure that this had been an... unorthodox method of GF gathering... but he also known well that it was only his own exclusively way.

To put it bluntly, he thought, probably anyone at the Garden would be horrified if they found out and he'd probably be expelled.

He figured he should feel dirty or alarmed or used or something, somehow... well, he did feel fairly debauched, just thinking about the dim buzz in the back of his head that was Ifrit made his cock twitch, but for all of the dizzy unexpectedness of the encounter, he was looking forward to Ifrit's promised "redetermination" a little later.


The monsters in the cave apparently knew enough to avoid Squall now that he was carried by Ifrit, so Squall was lost in thought as he walked back to the entrance, absent-mindedly hitching up his pants with his belt and wiping himself down with his undershirt before tugging it on over his sweaty torso as he collected them.
It was hard, at least, to see the comestains under the mess of dirt and soot he was streaked with, now.
His jacket was last, dropped almost at the entrance of the cavern and untouched.
The metal buckles were hot to the touch as Squall pulled it over his sweaty, wet shoulders.
The dim tunnel to the surface was positively wonderful to walk through, with the heat at his back and the rushing air to cool what little of his skin was still exposed.
He could see Prof. Trepe standing at the doorway, looking anxiously between her watch and the cavern entrance.

As Squall emerged she perked up, happily pressing a button on her watch.
"You just made it! I was starting to get worried, but you made it out with a little over a minute to spare!"
 Then she seemed to get a good look at Squall, matted, sweaty hair, ripped, punctured pants, undershirt stained with dirt and sweat.
She raised a hand to her mouth and giggled.
"Did you have an easy time?"

Squall paused for a moment, rustling anxiously in his clothes (how he could plead guilty and honestly say that he was totally raped nine hours by Ifrit in the cave?).

That made Prof. Trepe laugh so hard she lost her balance.
"Well, let's get you back to the Garden so we can test your new GF's skills and you can get cleaned up before the SeeD Exam."
She turned and began efficiently working her way around the rocky bluff, heading back to Garden.

Squall followed behind, attempting to avoid any strenuous rock-climbing.


Back at the Garden, there was, of course, the formality of showing that he had actually collected a GF and was capable of Junctioning it.

His first proper Junctioned to Ifrit let them always felt like together in the Fire Cavern all over again, like Ifrit's robust colossus cock non-stop Infinite Lustful slamming into his asshole deep inside, massive hands curling around his thighs as he started to barbarous ejaculation valorous blasts into Squall's whole male genitalia inside, all in one fierce half-second.
An instant, a burst Fleeting Existence flashed from Squall's mind, like he immersive joined them.
"What a fucking Infinite Lustful Bestial Hulk... He fucks that blonde guy with an owned double cocks Eidolon!? Fuck... fuck me... I also want him fuck me just like that!!!"
He blushed as the rattling deer heart, staggered backwards and fell out of battle posture as he shifted to conceal his stiffening cock reluctantly.
"Fucking can't wait! I must finish this shit immediately and summon my fucking GF - Ifrit now!!!"

Prof. Trepe looked up, worried, until he pulled himself into something like battle posture, perhaps with his hips canted far too far back to be regulation, and displayed the elemental junction abilities he had set out in the beginning for.
Prof. Trepe entirely focused on Squall's test scores, just she never expected about her top student already was completely falling in love with his robust bestial GF.

Until the young and frivolous Juvenile finally understood this is love, he still had to go through countless fucked lesson of Infinite Lustful Bestial Mating with his GF - Ifrit.



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